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Guide to setting up WDS on the WRT54G/WRT54GS

Guide to setting up WDS on the WRT54G/WRT54GS

Guide to setting up WDS on the WRT54G/WRT54GS
Thanks to Justin Olanin for posting this guide to setting up WDS on the WRT54G/WRT54GS

WDS Justins guide to setting up WDS with Alchemy-pre5.2.2 v2.09.1.8sv
(can be applied to other versions, didn’t try though)

This Version 8/22/04 for DSL modem -> Wired WRT54G -> {wireless} channel 3 -> WRT54G

Well after spending many+ hours to try to get it to work, thanks to the great users at, I finally got it to do what I wanted it to! Personally I work best with a reverse-engineering approach. Looking at what someone else did and filling in my own values. I didn’t see any screen shots, and decided to include some of my setup. This might not be a perfect or ideal setup, but it works great for me. This guide might not help most people, but if it helps only one, I’ll be happy

This is my goal (forgive my visio, perfect time to give it a try!)

Why 30 & 31 for the wrt54g? My current naming convention is to .4 Modems/Routers Modem to .9 Servers Server (gateway Server (gateway File Server (gateway to .14 Reserved to .19 Workstations Workstation (gateway PC (gateway PC’s (gateway to .24 Wireless Computers 10/100 Wired (gateway Onboard Wireless (gateway Linksys B/G Card (gateway to .29 DHCP For WRT54G AP1 to .40 Linksys WRT54G’s (gateway (gateway (gateway (future add)

Well enough with how I do things. Here is how I have both my WRT54G’s setup. Fill in your ip address and edit any other settings that you wish.

Left is wired WRT54G Right wireless WRT54G Anything not listed is “Factory Defaults”

Note: These three are the same on this page for both WRT54G’s
Note: Add the wireless computers mac address here

Here enter in the others MAC address.

Wireless MAC address. Enter in the other sides in the above screen. This is not whats listed on the bottom of the device!

Well I hope these screen shots and info can help someone out. Any questions you can reach me at or better yet post the question in’s forum!

NOTE: for WPA to work over WDS you have to have the same SSID on both Routers and use Alchemy or DDWRT firmware.

Coming next guides:

-Adding a second non-wired WRT54G. Should be as simple as adding MAC address in WDS section, but I need to buy another one to try it.

-Adding a wired WRT54G on the network to extend range.