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Syntax: KitType=value

Description: Specifies which program you are running:

    1 - Workstation

    2 - Server

Applies to: Servers and workstations

Default: Specified during the Install program. You can install the workstation, the server, or both the workstation and server. The value when you install the server and workstation on the same machine is 2.

UI equivalent: None



 Syntax: InstallType=value

Description: Smart Upgrade can determine whether to install a Notes client only, or all clients -- Notes, Designer, and Administrator -- for each user. The installer sets the value of the InstallType= setting in the NOTES.INI file each time a Notes client or All client install/upgrade is performed. Smart Upgrade compares the Install Type value in the Smart Upgrade kit document to the InstallType field in the NOTES.INI file and installs the update kit that matches the Install Type specified in the NOTES.INI file.:

2 - All client install (including Designer and Administrator)

3 - Notes client only

Applies to: Workstations

Default: None.

UI equivalent: None